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A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, well-known style expert, closet organizer and personal shopper Robyn Howard worked for two decades in a multitude of high-end retail environments. She hones her skills over many years, developing her aesthetic for great design and classic good looks before starting Key to Your Closet. Sought out for her highly original approach, this stylist, consultant and public speaker is a tour de force, a precious resource and tried-and-true expert.


Robyn believes that style has a powerful effect on people. Without words, your style speaks volumes, helping individuals express their personality and spirit. When you look great, you heighten your confidence, which carries over to every area: work, home and love life. It's like starring in your own movie.


Robyn's sources of inspiration: the iconic look of Jackie "O" and the stylistic sex appeal of the Bond girls from 007 fame. Her passions include travel, cooking, exploring and entertaining as well as vintage shopping, old movies, her beloved dogs and, always, dreaming.




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"Robyn Howard not only changed my wardrobe, my makeup and my hair but also changed my life. Robyn is an inspiration! She has taught me that fashion can be enjoyed by women of all ages, sizes (we are not all size 4s) and shapes. Robyn is blessed with tremendous talent and style - she has a gift for putting outfits together that work season after season... I now have "go to" looks that make me feel confident. Robyn... has impacted my life in countless ways. Her passion for all things beautigul is contagious. I adore Robyn and her generous spirit."

~ Kathleen Allan, volunteer, elegant homemaker, wife and mom


"At a time in my life when all was chaos, Robyn brought calm and a lot of hangers. She organized me, she encouraged me, she got me dressed. She helped me put my life back together. I have her on speed dial, and I've never looked better. She's my girl, goddess and guru."

~ Janet, restauranteur


"Robyn Howard.  What's not to love.  She has taste.  She has style.  Robyn is gorgeous inside and out and truly has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know.  During our first few sessions Robyn made my closets, shelves and drawers look like Armani window displays.  Love that.  Everything looks gorgeous and visually arresting but it's also user friendly. I travel a great deal but never to the same place, culture, climate so each trip is unique.  I am always working hard before my trips and packing has become for me a stressful proposition.  Robyn eliminated that stress factor by preparing me for each trip. I would say she has packed me for about 20 trips which range from San Francisco to Barcelona to Munich and London or a week-end away in Santa Barbara.  Robyn has given me a great deal more than I could ever have imagined."  
~ Florence Babbitt, television producer


"A phenomenally talented fashion consultant and stylist, Robyn transformed my look from outdated and conservative to fashionable and figure flattering. At one of the most difficult times in my life, Robyn helped me gain back my confidence, rediscover my love for fashion and outfit me in a beautiful new wardrobe that reflects my changing life.  After the devastating loss of my husband Greg, I dropped a pants size and did not pay much attention to my clothes and appearance. With patience, honesty and sensitivity, Robyn helped me to strip my closet of the things that did not fit me.  She worked with me to slowly let go of some of the sentimental items I was holding on to that were keeping me from creating a more sexy and modern style. Robyn truly has a remarkable sense of style and fashion. One of the most helpful things Robyn did for me was to take photos of perfect outfits that I could reference later when going to a client meeting, out for an evening or to a casual luncheon. Robyn not only updated my wardrobe, she helped me to fearlessly usher in the next exciting chapter in my life."
~ Charlotte Whitney, grant writer


"I received a Key to Your Closet gift certificate for my birthday. At first, I didn’t know what Robyn’s services entailed … but it was liberating! I had to laugh at the clothes that I once wore and, I’m embarrassed to admit, still did in some instances. In the process, Robyn taught me a lot about what would look good on me. By the time we were done, I was looking forward to going shopping with her. I would have never believed that clothes shopping could be so much fun! From the moment we started, Robyn was the consummate professional. Her familiarity with the stores we visited and her relationship with the staff made the experience all the better. I felt treated like a celebrity. Suffice it to say, Robyn’s efforts to do nothing less than transform me were met with complete success. So today I am keenly aware of my appearance and I have Robyn Howard to thank. She conveyed the importance of looking one’s best and showed me how to keep my closet organized and updated. I heartily recommend her services to anyone who has ever looked into his or her crowded closet and said “I don’t have anything to wear!” or asked the question, “What do I wear?” Robyn has the answers!"
~ Bob DiBerardo, writer


"I received a gift for Robyn's services from a client.  She created up-to-date outfits of what I already own without spending a dime.  Time is money; an hour with Robyn saved me hundreds of dollars. She taught me how to accent what I already have and what looks best on my body type. Her keen eye can help you dress to appear 10 lbs. lighter and feel and look amazing. My clothes look exciting, and the outfits are easy to pluck off the hanger and enjoy. Now when I get ready for an event or work, I no longer have to discard dozens of outfits in a heap on the carpet.  After Robyn finishes, my closet is beautiful.  I actually leave the doors open and marvel at how organized my closet is.  She also taught me how to pack. From a weekend event to a two-week vacation, now packing a suitcase is easy, thanks to Robyn." 
~ Alysa Farrell, pilates instructor


"Robyn is so good at what she does. She staged my closet, taught me how to put my outfits together, and to arrange my closet so I feel good when I look around. No more clutter; take it out! Robyn encouraged me to display some of the sweaters I hand-knit, explaining they were ‘art to wear.’ We also displayed shoes and handbags as well as belts and scarves. She suggested I add a lamp, a tray to display favorite pieces of jewelry, and scented sticks to make the space smell good. My closet was completely transformed. Now I love my closet! Finally, we created outfits together, arranging them on my bedroom floor. Robyn created a photo look book of outfits for me. How cool is that! I now have my own “In Style” books. Robyn changed my entire way of dressing. Even more, I made a new friend. And that’s the best part of getting to know Robyn!"
~ Pat McPherson

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