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Imagine Always Having the Perfect Thing to Wear

Get ready. Literally. Style expert, closet organizer and personal shopper Robyn Howard works side by side with you to transform your look and your life. Her easy, step-by-step program makes dressing a joyful and creative endeavor. Develop your main go to outfits for every occasion -- from big night events and important meetings to at-home casual and weekend wear -- plus everything in between. Imagine always having just the right outfit close at hand. With Robyn, anything is possible. Especially looking great


Stylists aren’t just for celebrities. Robyn believes you’re a celebrity in your own life, complete with red carpet moments. A willing leap of faith promises a lifetime treasure trove of tips and guidelines. Just ask her clients. Picture yourself striding into any retail store, empowered to find your new wardrobe. Better still, get ready to surprise yourself. You’ll love the way you look again!


Where Your Journey Begins

Organizing and cleaning your closet are the origins of your exciting style journey. As Robyn points out, the luxury of a customized closet gives you the ability to express yourself with confidence. A customized closet looks like a chic little boutique AND makes it a snap to dress exceptionally well with minimal effort. So much better to focus on your creativity than searching endlessly for a pair of slingbacks or that perfect tie.

She helps you mix top collectible classics and specific trend pieces (more on this later), maximizing what you already have. And that’s just the beginning. This closet organizer and personal shopper also helps you: photo journal all your favorite looks, learn to shop from Gucci to vintage like a pro, and finish your look with chic hair and makeup. All of which takes the mystery out of dressing and promises a modern new you. Robyn helps you develop complete head-to-toe outfits for every occasion and lifestyle. “There is a formula to dressing well!” she explains.


Read about Robyn's 10 step Program on the BLOG


Public Speaking
Style That Works Wonders and Speaks Volumes

Robyn is not only a personal stylist but also a public speaker, showing you how to make it happen with positive encouragement and entertaining anecdotes. She covers everything from personal grooming and dressing for presentations and power meetings to interviews and casual Fridays. Learn how to mix the daily basics and modernize your wardrobe with a clean aesthetic. This style dynamo gets raves every time. To book a seminar, click here. 




The Reward of Robyn: Perk for Top Producers

From staff appearance coaching for employees to seminars on office etiquette, Robyn Howard creates custom-tailored programs to suit every requirement. She’s a tremendous perk for top performers who want to enhance their style savvy. You can gift top producers and valuable staff with a seminar on wardrobing, grooming and personal style in the workplace. Robyn teaches your team how to develop the perfect working wardrobe. Even more, she offers value-added tips and best practices to promote self-confidence at the office. 


If you’re a frequent traveler or simply need to pack for a power business trip (under fifty pounds, no problem), Robyn lays out your style itinerary. Her packing secrets and guidelines are priceless (ask her about your “capsule” of clothes, all coordinated and ready to go).

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