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Pearls of Wisdom & How to Wear Them

Chanel pearl necklace with jeweled camellias over shell

Pearls are back with a vengeance! Blow the dust off and layer up! This is my favorite crown jewel must have for the season.

How to Wear:

On top of a wool coat

Paired with a silk blouse

Over a denim shirt

Of course on all black for night

More is better!

Where to Find:

Vintage stores

Your Auntie's jewelry box (with permission of course)

Your neighborhood Mikimoto Store

How to Care For:

Pearls are porous. They must be cared for as hairspray or perfume can change the nacre (shine) and iridescence of the surface. The old adage says:

"Pearls are the last thing on and the first thing to take off as you are dressing"

Last but not least, one of my favorite pearls of wisdom, Kindness is always in style!

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